Yes - Tormato [Atlantic Records SD 19202] (8 September 1978)

Dynamic Range Released: 8 September 1978
Country: US
Label: Atlantic Records
Catalog: SD 19202
Genre: Rock, Prog Rock

Pressing: Presswell

Item# SR-ATSD19202
Ratings: C=VG+; LP=VG+

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Future Times / Rejoice
02 Don't Kill The Whale
03 Madrigal
04 Release, Release
05 Arriving UFO
06 Circus Of Heaven
07 Onward
08 On The Silent Wings Of Freedom


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Album Review

Nearing K []

This is an album that definitely reflects a band divided (they broke up after this) but within that division however arose some of the most compelling material since Tales. A highly underrated album this is! Future Times and Release Release are two of my favourite Yes tracks! Onward and Madrigal are beautiful Yes classics and On the Silent Wings of Freedom is hands down one of the best closing numbers in the entire catalogue. The album comes across a bit disjointed and, well, bonkers for lack of a better word but that's just part of Yes's charm. Eager to surprise, engaged to excite, and entitled to disappoint. This album has garnered its share of criticism. For me complaining a Yes album has too many notes is like complaining my chocolate chip cookie has too many chocolate chips.