Various Artists - Beverly Hills Cop [MCA Records MCA-5547] (December 1984)

Released: December 1984
Country: US
Label: MCA Records
Catalog: MCA-5547
Genre: Rock, Pop, Soundtrack

Item# SR-MCMCA5547
Ratings: C=NM-; LP=VG+

T R A C K L I S T:
Patti LaBelle
01 New Attitude
02 Don't Get Stopped In Beverly Hills
03 Do You Really (Want My Love?)
Rick James
04 B H C (I Can't Stop)
Pointer Sisters
05 Neutron Dance
Glenn Frey
06 The Heat Is On
Danny Elfman
07 Gratitude
Patti LaBelle
08 Stir It Up
The System
09 Rock 'N Roll Me Again
Harold Faltermeyer
10 Axel F

Beverly Hills Cop
Various Artists

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Album Review

William Ruhlmann []

Two million copies of this album were sold within a year of release, which is no surprise, given that it contained such hits as Patti LaBelle's ''New Attitude,'' and Glenn Frey's ''The Heat Is On,'' and Harold Faltermeyer's ''Axel F.'' Another notable aspect of the recording is the small-print admission ''Contains additional songs that are not in the film.'' In other words, this is more of a compilation than a soundtrack album per se. It didn't bother anybody, though.