Tom Scott - Intimate Strangers [Columbia Records JC 35557] (1978)

Released: 1978
Country: US
Label: Columbia Records
Catalog: JC 35557
Genre: Jazz

Item# SR-COJC35557
Ratings: C=VG+; LP=VG+

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T R A C K L I S T:
Intimate Strangers (Suite):
Part 1 - Sudden Attraction
01 Hi Steppers
02 Lost Inside The Love Of You
Part 2 - A Day & Nite Out Together
03 Getaway Day
04 Nite Creatures
Part 3 - Loving & Leaving
05 Lost Inside The Love Of You (Reprise)
06 Do You Feel Me Now
07 Hi Steppers (Reprise)
08 Breezin' Easy
09 You're So Good To Me
10 Puttin' The Bite On You
11 Beautiful Music

Intimate Strangers
Tom Scott

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