Spencer Brewer, Nancy Rumbel, Eric Tingstad - Emerald [Narada Lotus LP-1011] (1986)

Released: 1986
Country: US
Label: Narada Lotus
Catalog: LP-1011
Genre: New Age

Item# SR-NALP1011
Ratings: C=NM-; LP=NM-

Note: DMM - Direct Metal Mastering

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Fisherman's Dream
02 Shadow Dancer
03 The Last Snow Leopard
04 Timeless Reunion
05 Dreamgift
06 Gigue
07 Gateway
08 Emerald Pavane
09 Snowater
10 Cinderella

Spencer Brewer, Eric Tingstad & Nancy Rumbel

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Album Review

Jim Brenholts [allmusic.com]

Emerald is a fantastic collaboration featuring two of Narada's most prestigious acts. It pairs Spencer Brewer with Tingstad & Rumbel. It is one of the finest acoustic ambient albums of all time. It is also, like all of the Tingstad & Rumbel discs, timeless. This acoustic treasure is just as fresh and poignant in the new millennium as it was in the late '80s. The lush melodies create romantic atmospheres. The languid pace of the sound design is suitable for relaxation. This disc has many faces, each of which is gorgeous.