Scott Jarrett - Without Rhyme Or Reason [GRP Records GRP 5007] (1980)

Released: 1980
Country: US
Label: GRP Records
Catalog: GRP 5007
Genre: Jazz, Rock

Item# SR-GRGRP5007
Ratings: C=NM-; LP=NM-

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Miles Of Sea
02 I Was A Fool
03 Never My Fault
04 Without Rhyme Or Reason
05 On Looking Back
06 Doctor / Nurse
07 Lady
08 The Image Of You
09 Pictures

Without Rhyme Or Reason
Scott Jarrett

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Album Review

Arkadiusz Swierczewski []

Although it is the only album recorded by Scott Jarrett as primary artist, this work of Keith's younger brother deserves some attention. It was produced and heavily influenced by the famous Grusin/Rosen duo and its thanks to Grusin that we may enjoy the style of arrangements so well known from the best 70's light jazz/progressive pop albums.