Saga - Heads Or Tales [2021 Reissue] [Ear Music Classics 0215532EMU] (1983)

Dynamic Range Released: 1983
Country: US
Label: Ear Music Classics
Catalog: 0215532EMU
Genre: Rock

Item# SR-EA0215532EMU
Ratings: C=M-; LP=M-

Pressing: Optimal Media GmbH

Note: 2021 Remaster / Reissue with bonus track not on original LP version

T R A C K L I S T:
01 The Flyer
02 Cat Walk
03 The Sound Of Strangers
04 The Writing
05 Intermission
06 Social Orphan
07 The Vendetta (Still Helpless)
08 Scratching The Surface
09 The Pitchman
10 Cat Walk (Extended Version)

Heads Or Tales [2021 Reissue]

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Album Review

Heads Or Tales is the fifth studio album by the Canadian progressive rock band Saga and was originally released in 1983. The album was the second of the band's to be produced by Rupert Hine. Although it did not receive the commercial success of the previous collaboration between the band and Hine, both ''The Flyer'' and ''Cat Walk'' became respectable radio hits for the band with the album eventually securing gold status in Canada (50 000) and Germany (250 000). A third single from the album, ''Scratching The Surface'', making a regular appearance in the band's concert line-up during the late-1990s and 2000s as a piano solo played by singer Jim Gilmour during a break by the other band members. []