Robert Palmer - Some People Can Do What They Like [Island Records ILPS 9420] (October 1976)

Released: October 1976
Country: US
Label: Island Records
Catalog: ILPS 9420
Genre: Rock, Pop

Item# SR-ISILPS9420
Ratings: C=VG; LP=VG+

T R A C K L I S T:
01 One Last Look
02 Keep In Touch
03 Man Smart, Woman Smarter
04 Spanish Moon
05 Have Mercy
06 Gotta Get A Grip On You (Part II)
07 What Can You Bring Me
08 Hard Head
09 Off The Bone
10 Some People Can Do What They Like

Some People Can Do What They Like
Robert Palmer

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Album Review

Donald A. Guarisco []

Robert Palmer's third album is a blue-eyed soul disc that sits comfortably alongside Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley and Pressure Drop. This time, Palmer drops the orchestrations that tarted up portions of Pressure Drop in favor of a stripped-down yet stylish sound that shows off his ability to create a romantic, soulful mood. Highlights include ''One Last Look,'' a lush breakup ballad that features a catchy, harmony-drenched chorus, and ''Keep in Touch,'' a romantic tune that highlights Palmer's vocal style at its seductive height over a jazzy yet mellow melody built on a complex background vocal arrangement. Another standout track is ''Man Smart, Woman Smarter,'' a tongue-in-cheek look at the battle between the sexes that deftly blends pop melodicism with reggae rhythms. The downside of Some People Can Do What They Like is that it often favors mood over hooks and this leads to music that is listenable yet falls short of being truly compelling: funky mood pieces like ''What Can You Bring Me'' and ''Hard Head'' successfully evoke a sultry mood but never take that mood in an interesting melodic direction. Another problem track is ''Off the Bone,'' an effects-drenched instrumental snippet that serves no purpose other than to fill up two minutes of the album's running time. Despite these occasional lapses, Some People Can Do What They Like remains a solid and likable outing with enough memorable moments to please anyone who enjoys blue-eyed soul at its most silky and elegant.