Rick Wakeman - The Gospels [Stylus Music SMR 729] (April 1987)

Released: April 1987
Country: UK
Label: Stylus Music
Catalog: SMR 729
Genre: Art Rock, Prog Rock

Item# SR-STSMR729
Ratings: C=NM-; LP=NM-

T R A C K L I S T:
The Gospel According To St. Matthew
01 Part One: The Baptism
02 Part Two: The Welcoming
03 Part Three: The Sermon On The Mount
04 Part Four: The Lord's Prayer
The Gospel According To St. Mark
05 Part One: The Way
06 Part Two: The Road To Jerusalem
07 Part Three: Trial And Error
08 Part Four: Galilee
The Gospel According To St. Luke
09 Part One: The Gift
10 Part Two: The Magnificat
11 Part Three: Welcome A Star
12 Part Four: Power
The Gospel According To St. John
13 Part One: The Word
14 Part Two: The Hour
15 Part Three: The Children Of Mine
16 Part Four: The Last Verse

The Gospels
Rick Wakeman

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Album Review

Steve Smith [allmusic.com]

A very fine production and cleverly done...fine keyboaring and musical interplay...fine lead and supporting vocals..All topped off with Robert Powells narrative...a rare and enjoyable musical concept album.