Ray Stevens - Boogity Boogity [Barnaby Records BR 6003] (1974)

Released: 1974
Country: US
Label: Barnaby Records
Catalog: BR 6003
Genre: Pop, Rock, Comedy

T R A C K L I S T:
01 The Streak
02 Smith And Jones
03 Freddie Feelgood (And His Funky Little Five Piece Band)
04 Bagpipes That's My Bag
05 Don't Boogie Woogie
06 The Moonlight Special
07 Bridget The Midget (The Queen Of The Blues)
08 Heart Transplant
09 Just So Proud To Be Here

Boogity Boogity
Ray Stevens

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Album Review

Boogity Boogity was Ray Stevens' eleventh studio album, released in 1974, as well as his sixth for Barnaby Records. For this album, Stevens returns to the genres of novelty and comedy. The album was released to capitalize on the success of his hit single ''The Streak'', which was inspired by the fad of streaking during that time period. Stevens' two songs, ''Freddie Feelgood (And His Funky Little Five Piece Band)'' and ''Bagpipes That's My Bag,'' were taken from his album Gitarzan and were reissued on this album. The front of the album cover shows Stevens running in a blur, seemingly in the nude, and also contains the phrases ''Woosh!!'' and ''Don't look Ethel!'' the latter of which is part of the lyrics to the primary single of the album.

''The Streak'' proved to be an even bigger success than Stevens' 1970 hit ''Everything Is Beautiful,'' reaching #1 in the US, Canada, UK, and New Zealand. Its follow-up single, ''The Moonlight Special,'' was lifted from this album but did not fare as well on the charts. Stevens' 1971 single, ''Bridget the Midget (The Queen of the Blues),'' first appeared on a collection called Ray Stevens' Greatest Hits but was reissued on this album, making its first appearance on a studio album. [wikipedia.org]