Prism - Small Change [Capitol Records ST-12184] (1 December 1981)

Released: 1 December 1981
Country: US
Label: Capitol Records
Catalog: ST-12184
Genre: Rock

Item# SR-CAST12184
Ratings: C=NM-; LP=NM-

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Don't Let Him Know
02 Turn On Your Radar
03 Hole In Paradise
04 Rain
05 When Will I See You Again
06 Heart And Soul
07 Stay
08 When Love Goes Wrong (You're Not Alone)
09 In The Jailhouse Now
10 Wings Of Your Love

Small Change

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Album Review

Mike DeGagne []

Small Change was the last album that Prism recorded before the band's demise (reorganizing with weaker personnel in 1988 and without the late Ron Tabak). Prism substituted its vigorous rock & roll sound for a more refined blend of soft rock amiability, which paid off to some extent. The vocals are toned down, the extravagance of the horns and synthesizers are absent, and the songs reflect a more adult-oriented feel. Written by Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance, ''Don't Let Him Know'' is the album's best guitar-driven track, and represents Prism's late-'70s rock & roll sound better than any other. But ''Turn on Your Radar'' and ''Rain,'' especially, are two of the group's best semi-ballads, containing some of the sharpest songwriting and use of melody that Prism has ever employed. Efforts such as ''When Will I See You Again,'' ''When Love Goes Wrong,'' and ''Wings of Love'' have the band taking the prettiness of the love song a little too far, and even the delicate piano and keyboard parts sound overly luscious. On the whole, Small Change was a sturdy farewell from one of Canada's most successful bands.