Oregon - Crossing [ECM Records ECM 1291 / 1-25025] (1985)

Released: 1985
Country: US
Label: ECM Records
Catalog: ECM 1291 / 1-25025
Genre: Jazz

Item# SR-WABSK3380
Ratings: C=VG+; LP=VG+

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Queen Of Sydney
02 Pepe Linque
03 Alpenbridge
04 Travel By Day
05 Kronach Waltz
06 The Glide
07 Amaryllis
08 Looking-Glass Man
09 Crossing


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Album Review

Ron Wynn [allmusic.com]

Ethereal playing with tremendous solos from Ralph Towner (on guitar and piano) and Paul McCandless (oboe/sax).