The Mills Brothers - Dream [Dot Records DLP 25927] (1969)

Dynamic Range Released: 1969
Country: US
Label: Dot Records
Catalog: DLP 25927
Genre: Jazz, Blues, Pop

Item# SR-DODLP25927
Ratings: C=VG; LP=VG+

Note: Album Jacket has a notch cut-out

T R A C K L I S T:
01 The Jimtown Road
02 Dream
03 The Straight Life
04 Baby Dream Your Dream
05 When, When, When
06 Flit Around
07 What Have I Done For Her Lately
08 Happy Go Lucky Me
09 Didn't We
10 Guy On The Go

The Mills Brothers

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Album Review

Greg Adams []

Following the success of the hit single ''Cab Driver'' and the album Fortuosity, the Mills Brothers continued to court the adult contemporary audience that mysteriously had failed to rediscover them until the late '60s. Four of the group's Dot albums from 1968-1969 became their first and only albums to register on the album charts, concluding with Dream, which also contained their last adult contemporary hit. That song, ''The Jimtown Road,'' is a story-song about small town life that resembles the easygoing pop of Perry Como's contemporaneous recordings. ''Happy Go Lucky Me,'' too, is a ringer for something Como would have recorded. Thereafter, the album follows the pattern of Fortuosity with a wide variety of songs from Broadway and the popularity charts, ranging from Bobby Goldsboro's ''The Straight Life'' to the Pied Pipers' 1940s vocal group classic ''Dream.'' ''When, When, When'' drops the word ''grooviest'' into its nostalgic reckoning of good times past, which exemplifies the mild-mannered mixture of old and new that characterizes the Mills Brothers' albums from this period. Their something-for-everyone attitude toward repertoire also extends to subtle forays into other genres, as evidenced by the country-style guitar fills that punctuate ''Flit Around.''