Mike Rutherford - Smallcreep's Day [Passport Records PB 9843] (15 February 1980)

Released: 15 February 1980
Country: US
Label: Passport Records
Catalog: PB 9843
Genre: Rock, Prog Rock

Item# SR-PAPB9843
Ratings: C=NM-; LP=NM-

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Moonshine
02 Time And Time Again
03 Romani
04 Every Road
05 Overnight Job
06 Smallcreep's Day
I. Between The Tick And The Tock
II. Working In Line
III. After Hours
IV. Cats And Rats (In This Neighbourhood)
V. Smallcreep Alone
VI. Out Into The Daylight
VII. At The End Of The Day

Smallcreep's Day
Mike Rutherford

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Album Review

Tucker Constable [allmusic.com]

Mike Rutherford's solo debut, ''Smallcreep's Day'', is pretty ambitious for such a low profile release. Based around Peter Currel Brown's novel of the same name, ''Smallcreep's Day'' offers an incredibly large plate of musical ideas filled with Rutherford's signature raw guitars and bubbling bass lines. While Rutherford does not cover the vocals himself, Mannfred Mann's Noel McCalla does, his presence is heard quite a bit throughout the LP. From the stupidly thick bass line on side two's ''Moonshine'' to the soft, lonesome and yearning romanticism of ''Time and Time Again'', Rutherford proves he is a top arranger and lyrical craftsman.

Final Rating-8/10

Stand-Out Tracks- ''Working In Line'', ''Moonshine'', ''Time and Time Again'' and ''Overnight Job''