Linda Ronstadt - Stone Poneys And Friends, Vol. III [Capitol Records ST 2863] (1968)

Dynamic Range Released: 1968
Country: US
Label: Capitol Records
Catalog: ST 2863
Genre: Folk-Rock

Item# SR-CAST2863
Ratings: C=VG; LP=VG+

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Fragments:
a. Golden Song
b. Merry-Go-Round
c. Love Is A Child
02 By The Fruits Of Their Labors
03 Hobo
04 Star And A Stone
05 Let's Get Together
06 Up To My Neck In High Muddy Water
07 Aren't You The One
08 Wings
09 Some Of Shelly's Blues
10 Stoney End

Stone Poneys And Friends, Vol. III
Linda Ronstadt

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Album Review

Richie Unterberger []

The Stone Poneys broke up during the recording of their final album, leaving Ronstadt to finish the work with various sessionmen (hence the billing ''Stone Poneys & Friends''). It's a solid effort, though, of decent if muted Californian folk-rock, with a laid-back (but not offensively so), carefully produced feel. Certainly the material is varied, with selections from The Stone Poneys, Mike Nesmith, and Laura Nyro, and occasional intimations of the country-rock direction that Ronstadt would frequently pursue during the '70s. The inclusion of three Tim Buckley songs serves as evidence that Ronstadt was hipper than some of her detractors have made her out to be.