LA Express - LA Express [Caribou Records PZ 33940] (1976)

Released: 1976
Country: US
Label: Caribou Records
Catalog: PZ 33940
GGenre: Jazz-Funk

Item# SR-CAPZ33940
Ratings: C=VG+; LP=VG+

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Midnite Flite
02 The Shrug
03 Suavemente (Gently)
04 Cry Of The Eagle
05 Stairs
06 Down The Middle
07 It's Happening Right Now
08 Transylvania Choo Choo
09 Western Horizon

LA Express
LA Express

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Album Review

Jim Newsom []

With former leader Tom Scott gone on to a solo career, the L.A. Express regrouped, bringing in David Luell as a replacement on saxophones. The result was this satisfying batch of original material, cut from the same mold as the band's recordings with Scott. Interestingly, this album may be the most enjoyable the band recorded, as the material was some of the best of the pop-oriented side of the jazz fusion genre. Though it's similar to the earlier Scott-led Tom Cat and the Crusaders' Chain Reaction, this album stands on its own as a well conceived work from start to finish.