Karla Bonoff - Restless Nights [Columbia Records JC 35799] (September 1979)

Released: September 1979
Country: US
Label: Columbia Records
Catalog: JC 35799
Genre: Soft Rock

Item# SR-COJC35799
Ratings: C=VG+; LP=NM-

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Trouble Again
02 Restless Nights
03 The Letter
04 When You Walk In The Room
05 Only A Fool
06 Baby Don't Go
07 Never Stop Her Heart
08 Loving You
09 The Water Is Wide

Restless Nights
Karla Bonoff

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Album Review

William Ruhlmann [allmusic.com]

Karla Bonoff seems to have had some trouble coming up with material for her second album, which may explain why it took two years (a long time in the '70s) and contained covers of ''When You Walk in the Room'' and ''The Water Is Wide,'' and also why the originals weren't as uniformly excellent as those on her first album. True, leadoff track ''Trouble Again'' was a gem (as Linda Ronstadt proved when she recorded it on her Cry Like a Rainstorm -- Howl Like the Wind album in 1989), but some of the other material was only pedestrian. As usual, half of L.A. was playing and singing on the record, which meant that you got people like Don Henley and James Taylor for your money. But Restless Nights did not represent the leap in quality that would have been required to vault Bonoff into the ranks of her star friends (it didn't have a big hit single, either), and so, instead of providing a consolidation of her reputation, it caused a rethinking of career direction reflected on her third album.