Kansas - Power [MCA Records MCA-5838] (28 November 1986)

Released: 28 November 1986
Country: US
Label: MCA Records
Catalog: MCA-5838
Genre: Rock

Item# SR-MCMCA5838
Ratings: C=VG+; LP=NM-

Note: Hole punch in album jacket

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Silhouettes In Disguise
02 Power
03 All I Wanted
04 Secret Service
05 We're Not Alone Anymore
06 Musicatto
07 Taking In The View
08 Three Pretenders
09 Tomb 19
10 Can't Cry Anymore


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Album Review

Bret Adams [allmusic.com]

After a three-year hiatus, Kansas re-formed in 1986, signed with MCA, and released Power. The album bears virtually no resemblance to the old Kansas style; in fact, it's more hard rock and pop than prog rock, and the tough-yet-sleek opener, ''Silhouettes in Disguise,'' immediately announces the change to listeners. ''Power'' was a minor hit and the simple chorus is effective. ''All I Wanted'' is pure pop, and this Top 20 hit single features lush keyboards and Steve Walsh's earnest, melodramatic vocals. The instrumental ''Musicatto'' is the album's primary link to Kansas' prog rock past. ''Taking in the View'' is a gentle song featuring sweet acoustic guitar and a children's chorus. ''Three Pretenders'' and ''Tomb 19'' both rely on strong rock & roll hooks and soaring choruses. ''Can't Cry Anymore'' is an orchestra-based ballad. Power probably surprised longtime Kansas fans with its musical shift, but the addition of Steve Morse gave the band an interesting -- if ultimately short-lived -- new direction.