Journey - Next [Columbia Records PC 34311] (February 1977)

Dynamic Range Released: February 1977
Country: US
Label: Columbia Records
Catalog: PC 34311
Genre: Rock

Item# SR-COPC34311
Ratings: C=VG+; LP=VG+

Pressing: Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Terre Haute

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Spaceman
02 People
03 I Would Find You
04 Here We Are
05 Hustler
06 Next
07 Nickel And Dime
08 Karma


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Album Review

Jackie Miller Shapiro []

An excellent Journey album that leaves no stone un-turned in its magnificent musical attack from beginning to end. [...] Neal Schon's guitar work shreds like crazy and he has all the earmarks of one of the greatest songwriters and guitarists to ever live on this planet. Gregg Rolie's lead vocals and keyboard work is not just charismatic but deliciously fun. Ross Valory is a bass players bassist and Aynsley Dunbar's drum work explains perfectly why they used to call him... ''The Hawk''.

Now keep in mind, this is a stage when Journey was not afraid to make some noise and did not cater to 16 year old teenage girls whose boyfriends just broke up with them. However don't be fooled by their progressive approach here!! Sure, on the next 3 albums after this one, while Rolie still remained in the band, Steve Perry added nothing but excellence and another beautiful dimension to an already talented foursome!! But there are already enough catchy melodies abound here to raise some eyebrows and eardrums, including the great instrumental, ''Nickel and Dime,'' as well as the title song of the album, ''Next,'' featuring an astounding vocal job by Gregg Rolie and an overlooked single which never penetrated households called ''Spaceman.'' NEXT contains plenty of proof that this band was just as effective as what was to come later, just not as popular. Tons of early stuff off the first 3 albums ( many off this one ), were performed live on the first few tours WITH Steve Perry singing the Rolie tunes WITH Rolie!! And the results were nothing short of monumental.

And not commonly realized by fans and certainly reviewers who favor the band only after Perry joined. Another interesting one here is ''People,'' a track that made its way for a while to FM rock stations at the time, not surprising, considering the volcanic guitar solo by Mr. Schon.

And theres a whole lot more contained here!! After NEXT, Columbia Records told them.... ''Listen guys, you've got to make a living. For yourselves, and us.'' The rest became history. But If you have iron flowing in your veins, rather than honey, THIS IS THE JOURNEY FOR YOU!!