John Lodge - Natural Avenue [London Records PS 683] (1977)

Released: 1977
Country: US
Label: London Records
Catalog: PS 683
Genre: Rock, Prog Rock

Item# SR-LOPS683
Ratings: C=VG+; LP=VG+

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Intro To Children Of Rock'n'Roll
02 Natural Avenue
03 Summer Breeze
04 Carry Me
05 Who Could Change
06 Broken Dreams, Hard Road
07 Piece Of My Heart
08 Rainbow
09 Say You Love Me
10 Children Of Rock'n'Roll

Natural Avenue
John Lodge

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Album Review

Jonathan Widran []

This 1996 reissue of the Moody Blues' esteemed guitarist's 1977 solo effort reminds listeners of various important things. First, that he's a great rocker who enjoys an inspirational, jamming tune that can flash his electric prowess, as on the locomotive ''Natural Avenue.'' Second, that once a Moody, always a Moody, as every song to a certain extent has that ethereal, orchestral flair to it, and incorporating this can be sappy or effective, depending on the strength of the tune (''Summer Breeze'' is a bit on the melodramatic side). And finally, that Justin Hayward was and is the lead singer for a good reason. Lodge has a serviceable voice, and charms effectively on kindly ballads like ''Carry Me,'' but there's an airy quality to his delivery that skims over the potentially deeper emotions of each tune. The album is best listened to as a nostalgia session because many of the cheesier '70s production techniques were employed, dating it pretty severely. Perhaps the fact that Lodge's solo career never fully took off is something we should be grateful for; had it, the Moody Blues might not have endured intact so many decades beyond their original heyday.