Jerry Reed - Smell The Flowers [RCA Records LSP-4660] (1972)

Released: 1972
Country: US
Label: RCA Records
Catalog: LSP-4660
Genre: Country, Pop

Item# SR-RCLSP4660
Ratings: C=VG+; LP=VG

Note: Cover has a notch cut-out; Produced by Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Smell The Flowers
02 Don't Get Heavy
03 Endless Miles Of Highway
04 Take It Easy (In Your Mind)
05 It Don't Work That Way
06 If I Ever (Love Again)
07 My Guitar And My Song
08 Don't Let The Good Life Pass You By
09 It Ain't Home, But It Aint Bad
10 Pave Your Way Into Tomorrow

Smell The Flowers
Jerry Reed

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