Greg Khin Band - Khinspiracy [Beserkley Records 9 60224-1] (1983)

Released: 1983
Country: US
Label: Beserkley Records
Catalog: 9 60224-1
Genre: Rock, Pop

Item# SR-BE9602241
Ratings: C=VG; LP=VG+

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Jeopardy
02 Fascination
03 Tear That City Down
04 Talkin' To Myself
05 Can't Love Them All
06 I Fall To Pieces
07 Someday
08 Curious
09 How Long
10 Love Never Fails

Greg Khin Band

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Album Review

Mike DeGagne []

Although ''Jeopardy'''s crafty, dancefloor hook is well deserving of its number two marking on the charts, the rest of Kihnspiracy maintains a solid pop/rock foundation as well, making it and 1981's Rockihnroll the two best Greg Kihn Band albums. With Kihnspiracy, Kihn turns songs like ''Fascination,'' ''Tear That City Down,'' and ''Talkin' to Myself'' into exuberant, appealing guitar pop, thanks to the highly charged use of rhythm and melody. Most of the tunes carry a steady pace, and the formula instilled in Kihn's writing pays close attention to the importance of the pop-led hook without an overabundance of glitz and sweetness. Even tracks that seem to be less attended too, like ''Someday'' and ''Love Never Fails,'' muster up some appeal in their choruses before being designated as filler. Most of Kihnspiracy's finer attributes can be found on any of the Greg Kihn Band's compilations, but the album still stands as one of the group's most enjoyable recordings.