George Cromarty - Wind In The Heather [Dancing Cat Records DC-3001] (1984)

Dynamic Range Released: 1984
Country: US
Label: Dancing Cat Records
Catalog: DC-3001
Genre: Contemporary Acoustic

Item# SR-DADC3001
Ratings: C=VG+; LP=VG+

Note: Promotional copy - stamped on back cover

T R A C K L I S T:
01 The Mouse And The Elephant
02 Mother With Child
03 Wind In The Heather
04 The Evergreen
05 Bittersweet
06 Satie
07 Laurindo
08 Angelique
09 Fanfare #1
10 Fanfare #2
11 The Linden Tree
12 De Palma, De Paloma
13 Highland Ballad

Wind In The Heather
George Cromarty

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Album Review

Scott Jones []

I recently discovered this wonderful album by George Cromarty. This album isn't well known and I checked on discogs and it doesn't look like any other versions other than the original LP [and cassette] were released. It certainly deserved to be more successful than it was.

The title song and Bittersweet are standouts but there are many songs on this album that are memorable. If you liked the other guitar solo albums from Windham Hill then you will enjoy this album.