George Benson - Good King Bad [CTI Records CTI 6062] (1976)

Released: 1976
Country: US
Label: CTI Records
Catalog: CTI 6062
GGenre: Jazz

Item# SR-CTCTI6062
Ratings: C=VG+; LP=VG+

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Theme From Good King Bad
02 One Rock Don't Make No Boulder
03 Em
04 Cast Your Fate To The Wind
05 Siberian Workout
06 Shell Of A Man

Good King Bad
George Benson

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Album Review

Richard S. Ginell []

The R&B elements get stronger, the sound and mix are more attuned to the dancefloor, yet this brings out the best in George Benson's funky side. Thanks in part to the more rigid beat, Benson pares down his style to its rhythmic essentials, refusing to spray notes all over the place at random, and as a result, the record cooks and dances. His treatment of Vince Guaraldi's ''Cast Your Fate to the Wind,'' hugely complemented by Joe Farrell's wistfully prancing flute, is a mini-masterpiece in the use of space, of hitting exactly the right stabbing note right in the pocket. Again, Creed Taylor turns to a James Brown alumnus, David Matthews, for arrangements, and he discreetly and wisely stays out of Bad George's way. Buy this one for ''Cast Your Fate,'' but there is plenty more to savor here.