Gamma - Gamme 3 [Elektra Records E1-60034] (February 1982)

Released: February 1982
Country: US
Label: Elektra Records
Catalog: E1-60034
Genre: Rock

Item# SR-ELE160034
Ratings: C=VG+; LP=VG+

T R A C K L I S T:
01 What's Gone Is Gone
02 Right The First Time
03 Moving Violation
04 Mobile Devotion
05 Stranger
06 Condition Yellow
07 Modern Girl
08 No Way Out
09 Third Degree

Gamme 3

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Album Review

Whitney Z. Gomes []

The third and final Gamma kicks off with ''What's Gone Is Gone,'' a grand bit of science friction awash in keys and vocoder. When axe-god Ronnie Montrose's solo finally kicks in, the guitar serves as embellishment rather than a foundation. Such is the paradox of Gamma, a band with proven chops to spare, trying to be cutting edge without cutting loose. The end result is some kind of fluff-prog (sometimes akin to Grace Under Pressure). Of course the production and drums are totally '80s, while still avoiding the shrillness that taints so many pieces from this period. No traces of new romantic chilliness or bare-bones heaviness hide here, but the nebulous in-between yields some killer cuts, such as left-field single ''Right the First Time'' and the enjoyable wavy confection ''Modern Girl.'' Cleverness like the Morse code spelling out of ''Stranger'' and the wild synths in ''Mobile Devotion'' (featuring some red-hot licks that prove Montrose still has the fire) also make Gamma 3 a good listen. This record doesn't meander as aimlessly as many art projects, but doesn't send the hooks as fast and furious as perfect pop either. Each song has classy elements, making up for when the overall alchemy doesn't quite work, and the aforementioned songs are worth the aural commitment anyway.