Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Liverpool [Island Records 90546-1] (20 October 1986)

Released: 20 October 1986
Country: US
Label: Island Records
Catalog: 90546-1
Genre: Rock, Pop

Item# SR-IS905461
Ratings: C=VG+; LP=VG+

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Warriors Of The Wasteland
02 Rage Hard
03 Kill The Pain
04 Maximum Joy
05 Watching The Wildlife
06 Lunar Bay
07 For Heaven's Sake
08 Is Anybody Out There?

Frankie Goes To Hollywood

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Album Review

Alex S. Garcia []

Frankie Goes to Hollywood's first double album was a huge hit. Their second offering also met with some success, although it is not as well remembered. And yet, on many accounts, Liverpool can be considered as an improvement over its predecessor. For one thing, the album is shorter, more conventional. While Welcome to the Pleasuredome had some strong material, the length weakened the whole in many places. Here, the band focused on eight tracks and the result is somewhat more convincing. ''Warriors of the Wasteland,'' ''Rage Hard,'' and ''Watching the Wildlife'' were all minor hits back in 1986, and the other tracks are, for the most part, of the same quality, with perhaps ''For Heaven's Sake'' standing out as a favorite. Again, Trevor Horn was involved in the production (the band was signed to his famous Zang Tuum Tumb label, so it's no big surprise) -- thus the production is impeccable, as one would expect from a Horn-produced album. Worth a listen if you like the band or have an interest for '80s music -- of which this is not such a bad sample.