Fleetwood Mac - Mirage [Warner Bros Records 1-23607] (18 June 1982)

Released: 18 June 1982
Country: US
Label: Warner Bros Records
Catalog: 1-23607
Genre: Pop Rock

Item# SR-WA123607
Ratings: C=VG; LP=VG+

Pressing: Specialty Records Corporation

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Love In Store
02 Can't Go Back
03 That's Alright
04 Book Of Love
05 Gypsy
06 Only Over You
07 Empire State
08 Straight Back
09 Hold Me
10 Oh Diane
11 Eyes Of The World
12 Wish You Were Here

Fleetwood Mac

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Album Review

Stephen Thomas Erlewine [allmusic.com]

Fleetwood Mac retreated from the insular strangeness of Tusk and returned to straightforward pop songcraft for Mirage. Boasting a glossy, friendly production that makes even the lesser numbers pleasant and ingratiating, Mirage nonetheless suffers from a lack of substance. Rumours had raw emotion to give it a core, and Tusk had Lindsey Buckingham's runaway ambition. For its part, Mirage sounds as if its sole goal is to sustain Fleetwood Mac's popularity, and while there may be a handful of terrific songs -- notably the hit singles "Gypsy," "Love in Store," and "Hold Me" -- it simply isn't as compelling as the group's previous three albums.