Claude Debussy - 12 Etudes [Connoisseur Society CSQ 2074] (1975)

Dynamic Range Released: 1975
Country: US
Label: Connoisseur Society
Catalog: CSQ 2074
Genre: Classical, Impressionist
Performer: Anthony di Bonaventura

Note: Stereo transfer of quadraphonic release; LP was sealed - seal broken to make this transfer

T R A C K L I S T:
12 Etudes (Book I)
01 No. 1-Pour Les ''Cinq Doigts''
02 No. 2-Pour Les Tierces
03 No. 3-Pour Les Quartes
04 No. 4-Pour Les Sixtes
05 No. 5-Pour Les Octaves
06 No. 6-Pour Les Huit Doigts
12 Etudes (Book II)
07 No. 7-Pour Les Degres Chromatiques
08 No. 8-Pour Les Agrements
09 No. 9-Pour Les Repetees
10 No. 10-Pour Les Sonorites Opposees
11 No. 11-Pour Les Arpeges Composes
12 No. 12-Pour Les Accords

12 Etudes
Claude Debussy

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