Bill Watrous - Manhattan Wildlife Refuge [Columbia Records KC 33090] (1974)

Dynamic Range Released: 1974
Country: US
Label: Columbia Records
Catalog: KC 33090
Genre: Jazz

Item# SR-COKC33090
Ratings: C=VG; LP=VG

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Spain
02 Sho
03 Dichotomy
04 Zip City
05 Fourth Floor Walk-up
06 Dee Dee
07 Ayo

Manhattan Wildlife Refuge
Bill Watrous

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Album Review

Scott Yanow []

Manhattan Wildlife Refuge and its follow-up, The Tiger of San Pedro, are the only two recordings of trombonist Bill Watrous' impressive big band of the mid-'70s. Watrous, who takes an uncharacteristically crazy cadenza on ''Fourth Floor Walk-Up,'' is in top form on such numbers as Chick Corea's ''Spain,'' ''Dichotomy,'' and ''Zip City.'' Among his more notable sidemen are trumpeter Danny Stiles, guitarist Joe Beck, and pianist Dick Hyman.