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William Ellwood

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William Ellwood - Renaissance [Narada Lotus N-61015] (1987)

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William Ellwood



Released: 1987
Label: Narada Lotus
Catalog: N-61015
Genre: Folk, New Age

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Renaissance
02 Feminine Patterns
03 Magic Road
04 Indications Of Light
05 Signals
06 La Trouvere
07 Frost And Fire
08 Gabriella
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Album Review

Linda Kohanov []

Ellwood expands his scope a bit on this album, with subtle ensemble works that elegantly express his love for renaissance and baroque music in an updated context. Keyboards, percussion, flute, and bassoon are used sparingly and effectively in arrangements that feature several guest artists (including fellow Canadian Bill Douglas). This is a delicate, well-balanced effort.

William Ellwood's Biography

Linda Kohanov []

As the story goes, Ellwood cajoled his parents into buying him a cheap, nearly unplayable guitar when he was 12 years old. The instrument was too warped to play chords, so he came up with the right-handed picking style he uses to this day. The Canadian-born artist later developed an interest in renaissance and baroque music, taught himself to play the lute, and eventually designed a 7-string guitar so he could transcribe lute pieces without sacrificing any voicings. Ellwood's classical music leanings are apparent on his Narada recordings, although his music has a gentle, contemporary feel to it as well.
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