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Triumvirat - Spartacus [Capital Records ST-11392] (1975)

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Released: 1975
Label: Capital Records
Catalog: ST-11392
Country: USA
Genre: Rock, Progressive Rock

T R A C K L I S T:
01 The Capital Of Power

02 The School Of Instant Pain Including:

a Proclamation
b The Gladiator's Song
c Roman Entertainment

03 The Walls Of Doom
04 The Deadly Dream Of Freedom
05 The Hazy Shades Of Dawn
06 The Burning Sword Of Capua
07 The Sweetest Sound Of Liberty

08 The March To The Eternal City Including:

a Dusty Road
b Italian Improvisation
c First Success

09 Spartacus Including:

a The Superior Force Of Rome
b A Broken Dream
c The Finale
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Album Review

Mike DeGagne []

Spartacus may not be as progressively strong as 1973's Illusion on a Double Dimple album, but it still stands as this German outfit's second best release. Based on the famous Roman gladiator who led the rebellion against his homeland, the music supports the album's concept quite solidly, with the better tracks coming in the form of the sporadic ''School of Instant Pain'' and the nine- minute ''March to the Eternal City,'' which gathers a menacing conglomeration of bass guitar riffs and pointed keyboard work. The music becomes effectively motivational toward the concept at the proper times, enabling the band's idea to remain fresh and colorful as the music is played out. Jurgen Fritz's Hammond organ and Moog intervention gives Spartacus a genuine progressive air, culminating as it should on the final track. Although Triumvirat's staunch, stern notes and articulate keyboard meandering can easily be compared to Emerson, Lake and Palmer's style, it's balanced quite impressively with Helmut Kollen's electric and acoustic guitar work. This album has a slight edge over 1976's Old Loves Die Hard because the synthesizers are put to better use, while the overall sound and flow of Spartacus contains greater instrumental animation.

Triumvirat's Biography

Triumvirat was a German progressive rock band from Cologne, Germany. They became, during the 1970s, a key figure in Eurock, the progressive rock of continental Europe whose German variant is called krautrock. The name Triumvirat comes from the Latin word triumvirate, which refers to a group of three powerful individuals.

Members of the original band were Hans-Jürgen Fritz (aka Jürgen Fritz) on keyboards, Werner Frangenberg on bass and vocals, and drummer-percussionist-lyricist Hans Bathelt. However, that line-up would be in a constant state of flux over the band's career, with each album featuring at least one different member. The band was often criticized for the similarity of their sound to British band Emerson, Lake and Palmer, something that band members may have had in mind when they wrote the song ''Lucky Girl'' for their Illusions on a Double Dimple album, perhaps in response to one of ELP's greatest hits ''Lucky Man''. []
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