Rush - Archives [Mercury Records SRM-3-9200] (May 1978)

Released: May 1978
Country: US
Label: Mercury Records
Catalog: SRM-3-9200
Pressing: Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Terre Haute
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock

Item# SR-MESRM39200
Ratings: C=VG; LP=VG+

T R A C K L I S T:


01 Finding My Way
02 Need Some Love
03 Take A Friend
04 Home Again
05 What You're Doing
06 In The Mood
07 Before And After
08 Working Man

Fly By Night

01 Anthem
02 Best I Can
03 Beneath, Between And Behind
04 By-Tor And The Snow Dog (I At The Tobes Of Hades; II Across The Styx; III Of The Battle; IV Epilogue)
05 Fly By Night
06 Making Memories
07 Rivendell
08 In The End

Caress Of Steel

01 Bastille Day
02 I Think I'm Going Bald
03 Lakeside Park
04 The Necromancer (I Into Darkness; II Under The Shadow; III Return Of The Prince)
05 Fountain Of Lamneth (I In The Valley; II Didacts And Narpets; III No One At The Bridge; IV Panacea; V Bacchus Plateau; VI The Fountain)


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Album Review

By 1978, Rush was one of hard rock's most promising acts. 2112, ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE, and A FAREWEEL TO KINGS had all gone gold in the U.S., and the band began headlining arenas worldwide. Sensing that new fans were probably unaware of Rush's first three less commercially successful albums (1974's self-titled debut, 1975's FLY BY NIGHT, and 1975's CARESS OF STEEL), Rush's label at the time, Mercury, re-issued all three in the box set ARCHIVES.

On its debut album, the trio apes Led Zeppelin musically, lyrically, and (most obviously) vocally, as original drummer John Rutsey makes his only appearance on a Rush album. Tracks like ''Finding My Way'' and ''Working Man'' remain fan favorites to this day. FLY BY NIGHT was the first record to include drummer Neil Peart, who immediately became Rush's chief lyricist, with the selections ''Anthem,'' ''In the End,'' and the title track proving to be vast improvements over those of the debut. With CARESS OF STEEL, Rush attempted to create an epic work, with lengthy tracks like ''Necromancer'' and ''Fountain of Lamneth.''