Robert Palmer - Double Fun [Island Records ILPS 9476] (1 March 1978)

Released: 1 March 1978
Country: US
Label: Island Records
Catalog: ILPS 9476
Genre: Rock, Funk / Soul

Item# SR-ISILPS9476
Ratings: C=VG+; LP=VG+

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Every Kinda People
02 Best Of Both Worlds
03 Come Over
04 Where Can It Go?
05 Night People
06 Love Can Run Faster
07 You Overwhelm Me
08 You Really Got Me
09 You're Gonna Get What's Coming

Double Fun
Robert Palmer

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Album Review

David Jeffries []

Robert Palmer's grin on the cover of Double Fun is reflected throughout this light, feel-good, and funky album, recorded while he was living the life of an Island-loving expatriate with style and money to burn. With its laid-back sway, slap-and-pop bassline, steel drum melody, and lyrics that are really saying something, the big hit ''Every Kinda People'' is quintessential pre-Power Station Palmer, even if -- and considering his success with covers, maybe especially because -- he didn't write it. The easy and uplifting ''Best of Both Worlds'' is a great example of how slick can be an entirely positive thing and the closing rocker, ''You're Gonna Get What's Coming,'' predicts his breakthrough American hit, ''Bad Case of Loving You,'' with same combination of lust and guitar grit, just at a slower tempo. ''Love Can Run Faster'' -- which is ''The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game'' for the sandals set -- and ''Come Over'' (''You tease my monkey/You make my knees feel funky'') also deserve special mention. If it wasn't for ''Where Can It Go?'' (pure, unashamed syrup) and the slinky cover ''You Really Got Me'' (clever for the first minute, trying afterward), this would rank among the singer's best. Even with its faults, fans of Palmer's more Caribbean-flavored work will find plenty to love here.