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Randy Goodrum

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Randy Goodrum - Solitary Nights [GRP Records GRP-A-1019] (1985)

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Randy Goodrum


Solitary Nights

Released: 1985
Label: GRP Records
Catalog: GRP-A-1019
Pressing: Hauppauge Record Manufacturing Ltd.
Genre: Electronic, Jazz, Pop

T R A C K L I S T:
01 It's Like You Never Left At All
02 Software
03 Mr. Sandman
04 Holdin' Out For Love
05 Silhouette
06 Dolph (Instrumental)
07 Solitary Nights
08 The Lady In The Doorway
09 Little Bird
10 So Soft Your Goodbye
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Randy Goodrum's Biography

John Bush []

Songwriter Randy Goodrum wrote singles for Steve Perry (''Oh Sherry''), George Benson (''20/20''), Kenny Rogers, Toto and El Debarge. He appeared on Bill Clinton's Inauguration TV special and released an album on Nova Records, Caretaker of Dreams.
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