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Peter Buffet

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Peter Buffet - The Waiting [Narada Mystique LP-2002] (1987)

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Peter Buffet


The Waiting

Released: 1987
Label: Narada Mystique
Catalog: LP-2002
Genre: Electronic
Note: LP label on Side 2 is damaged which is why LP is rated as VG-; otherwise LP is NM-

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Empire Builder
02 The Waiting
03 Why
04 Aberdeen
05 Generation Prelude
06 Generation
07 New West
08 One More Time
09 Big Sky
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Peter Buffet's Biography

Linda Kohanov []

Buffett's full-bodied electronic sound and rock-influenced accessibility make his music a congenial transition between the lighter pop instrumentals that have flooded the market and artists who are pushing the boundaries of modern electronic music with more challenging fare. The Nebraska-born pianist went to Stanford University, where he converted his Bay Area apartment into an efficient recording studio that provides soundtracks for numerous advertising, television, and film companies. Upon hearing of Kevin Costner's plans to create the movie Dances with Wolves, Buffett sent the actor a copy of his album One by One, which featured several cuts inspired by the plight of Native Americans. Costner was impressed enough to use some of Buffett's music in the film. Buffett's four Narada recordings combine a flair for drama and cinematic-style electronic orchestrations with his interest in Native American cultures. His later albums feature a progressively more prominent use of acoustic timbres, both sampled and authentic.
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