Paul McCartney - Press To Play [Capitol Records PJAS-12475] (25 August 1986)

Released: 25 August 1986
Country: US
Label: Capitol Records
Catalog: PJAS-12475
Genre: Rock, Pop Rock

Item# SR-CAPJAS12475P
Ratings: C=NM; LP=NM

Note: Promotional Copy [stamped on cover]

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Stranglehold
02 Good Times Coming/Feel The Sun
03 Talk More Talk
04 Footprints
05 Only Love Remains
06 Press
07 Pretty Little Head
08 Move Over Busker
09 Angry
10 However Absurd

Press To Play
Paul McCartney

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Album Review

Stephen Thomas Erlewine []

At the time, Press to Play was occasionally promoted as Macca's response to punk -- which we all better hope is not true, since that means he was responding ten years after the fact, signaling just how out of touch he was. But McCartney wasn't that disconnected from reality (he did talk about punk in interviews from the late '70s), so a more accurate view of Press to Play is to see it as McCartney trying to reconnect with his classic strengths, from orchestral pop and whimsy to driving rockers and sweet love songs. All this is apparent on the record, often in pretty charming fashion. ''Stranglehold'' has an offhand charm, ''Good Times Coming/Feel the Sun'' feels like a forgotten Red Rose Speedway medley, ''Move Over Busker'' has a brisk gait (better than its cousin, ''Angry,'' anyway), and ''Press'' is a terrific mid-'80s drum machine-driven slice of synth-pop, utterly featherweight in the best possible way. Each of these captures a different side of McCartney, and that's the overriding impression of Press to Play -- McCartney is dabbling in each of his strengths, just to see what works. It doesn't wind up as one of his stronger albums, but it's more interesting than some of his more consistent ones, and those aforementioned cuts demonstrate that he could still cut effective pop records when he put his mind to it.