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Patrick Moraz

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Patrick Moraz - The Story Of i [Charisma RJ-7156] (1976)

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Patrick Moraz


The Story Of i

Released: 1976
Label: Charisma
Catalog: RJ-7156
Genre: Electronic, Jazz, Rock
Note: Imported from Japan; has insert but missing OBI

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Impact
02 Warmer Hands
03 The Storm
04 Cachaça (Baião)
05 Intermezzo
06 Indoors
07 Best Years Of Our Lives
08 Descent
09 Incantation (Procession)
10 Dancing Now
11 Impressions (The Dream)
12 Like A Child In Disguise
13 Rise And Fall
14 Symphony In The Space
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Album Review

The Story of I is the first solo album by former Yes keyboard player Patrick Moraz, released in June 1976.

After the success of Relayer, the band Yes made a decision that next, each member would make a solo album. The Story of I is the first solo album by Patrick Moraz. By the time the album was released, Moraz was still touring with Yes but he was let go by the band in late 1976 after Rick Wakeman was booked on a session musician basis during the Going for the One recording sessions in Switzerland.

The title The Story of I did not appear on the original release. The ''I'' (or ''i'') is really Moraz's personal logo, a triangle-like shape standing on its tip and a sphere resting above it; this sign, interpreted by Moraz as ''Star Peace'', is how the album was identified both on the spine of the LP cover and in magazines and release material at the time. For reasons of convenience it has come to be referred to as The Story of I although the explanatory story that serves as a unifying link of the pieces on the album is not reprinted on most modern CD releases (on the original LP it was printed on the left side of the inner gatefold cover). Many people at the time assumed the title to be ''i'' or self-titled (''Patrick Moraz'').

The album is based around a romantic story of a massive tower in the middle of a jungle. The tower lures people from all over the world to go inside it. Inside the tower, people are able to experience their wildest desires and fantasies. The only rule is that the people inside the tower may not fall in love with each other. However two people inside do so and decide to escape since the tower acts also as a prison which inhabitants are slaves of their own desires.

The album consists of fourteen tracks related to the story. The album, particularly the percussion section, is strongly influenced by Brazilian music. Much of the Latin percussion was recorded in Rio de Janeiro over two days in August 1975 and dubbed on to the tracks. The album uses pitch-bend controls on the synth/organ notes. The Story of I was chosen as the album of the year by Keyboard Magazine. []

Patrick Moraz & Syrinx - Coexistence [PVC Records PVC 8923] (1980)

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Patrick Moraz & Syrinx



Released: 1980
Label: PVC Records
Catalog: PVC 8923
Genre: Progressive Rock
Note: 1984 reissue

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Mind Your Body
02 Boonoonoonoos
03 Soundrise
04 Adagio For A Hostage
05 Freedom To...

Coexistence (4 Movements)

06 Black Gold
07 Moments Of Love
08 Chain Reaction
09 Peace On The Hills
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Patrick Moraz's Biography

Patrick Philippe Moraz (born 24 June 1948) is a Swiss musician, film composer and songwriter, best known for his tenures as keyboardist in the rock bands Yes and The Moody Blues.

Born in Morges into a musical family, Moraz learned music at a young age and studied at the Lausanne Conservatory. He began a music career in the 1960s as a jazz musician, performing with his quartet and quintet that performed across Europe and won several awards. In 1969, he formed the short lived progressive rock group Mainhorse and started work scoring films. He formed Refugee in 1974 and recorded one album before he joined Yes that year. Moraz stayed with them until 1976; during this time he started a solo career with his first album, The Story of I (1976). Moraz joined The Moody Blues in 1978 and left in 1991. Since then, he has worked on various solo projects. []
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