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Robert Redford [narrator]

Robert Redford [narrator] - The Language And Music Of The Wolves [Tonsil Records / Natural History Magazine 003] (1971)

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Robert Redford [narrator]


The Language And Music Of The Wolves

Released: 1971
Label: Tonsil Records / Natural History Magazine
Catalog: 003
Country: USA
Genre: Field Recording / Nature Sounds

T R A C K L I S T:

01 The Wolf You Never Knew

02 Sounds Of The Wolf

Opening Howl
First Growls Of Wolf Pups Inside The Denv Pup Howls - Spring & Fall - Contrasted With Adult
Series Of 3 Adjacent Single Howls
Comparative Difference In Howls
Single Howls Joined To Give Illusion Of Pack Howl
Combined Sounds Of The Wolf
Distant And Close-Up Howling Ending In Group Howl
Series Of Group Howls
Joint Group Howl
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