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Montreux - Sign Language [Windham Hill Records WH-1058] (1987)

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Sign Language

Released: 1987
Label: Windham Hill Records
Catalog: WH-1058
Country: USA
Genre: Jazz, New Age

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Skywriting
02 Sign Language
03 Sweet Intentions
04 Jacob Do Bandolim
05 To Be
06 Grant Wood
07 Circular Birds
08 Just Walking
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Montreux's Biography

Linda Kohanov []

This Windham Hill ''all-star'' band features Mike Marshall, Darol Anger, Barbara Higbie, and Michael Manring. All of the musicians involved come from eclectic musical backgrounds. Their work in this band mixes folk, bluegrass, and new-acoustic elements with more subtle traces of jazz improvisation.
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