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Mary Hopkin

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Mary Hopkin - Postcard [Apple Records ST-3351] (3 March 1969)

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Mary Hopkin



Released: 3 March 1969
Label: Apple Records
Catalog: ST-3351
Country: USA
Pressing: Capitol Records Pressing Plant, Los Angeles
Genre: Rock, Folk Rock

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Lord Of The Reedy River
02 Happiness Runs (Pebble And The Man)
03 Love Is The Sweetest Thing
04 Y Blodyn Gwyn
05 The Honeymoon Song
06 The Puppy Song
07 Inch Worm
08 Voyage Of The Moon
09 Lullaby Of The Leaves
10 Young Love
11 Those Were The Days
12 Prince En Avignon
13 The Game
14 There's No Business Like Show Business
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Album Review

Richie Unterberger []

Paul McCartney produced this debut album of twee but pretty, romantic pop-folk. Besides ''Those Were the Days'' (which actually originally appeared only on the US version, though it's on the CD reissue now available throughout the world), the highlights are Donovan's ''Lord of the Reedy River'' and ''The Honeymoon Song,'' which McCartney himself had sung with the Beatles way back in 1963 on the BBC. If there's a fault to be found, it's that there's too high a percentage of pre-rock/pop standards a la ''There's No Business Like Show Business.'' As it turns out this was more due to the leanings of McCartney than Hopkin, who preferred the more simply arranged folk numbers such as the Donovan covers and the Welsh ''Y Blodyn Gwyn.'' Also on board is a rather nice composition, ''The Game,'' by Beatles producer George Martin, who contributed some piano and orchestra conducting to the album. The CD reissue includes George Gershwin/Ira Gershwin's ''Someone to Watch Over Me'' (which was on the original U.K. version of the LP, but was taken off the American counterpart), as well as the ''Those Were the Days'' B-side ''Turn! Turn! Turn!'' and versions of ''Those Were the Days'' that Hopkin sang in Italian and Spanish.

Mary Hopkin's Biography

Richie Unterberger []

It was the British supermodel Twiggy who alerted Paul McCartney to the Welsh singer Mary Hopkin when Apple Records was looking for talent in 1968. The waifish soprano scored a huge worldwide smash with her first Apple single, the melancholy but rabble-rousing ballad ''Those Were the Days,'' in late 1968; it actually knocked the Beatles' own ''Hey Jude'' out of the number one position in the U.K. Paul McCartney lent Hopkin a further hand by producing her first album and writing her second single, ''Goodbye,'' which was also a hit. More comfortable with refined, precious ballads and folky pop than rock, Hopkin scored several more hit singles in the U.K., although she never entered the American Top 40 again. Her commercial success diminished as Apple's fortunes dwindled in the early '70s.
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