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Martin Denny

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Martin Denny - Exotica [Liberty Records LRP 3034] (1957)

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Martin Denny



Released: 1957
Label: Liberty Records
Catalog: LRP 3034
Genre: Jazz / Easy Listening
NOTE: Tear on front cover, some splitting on bottom seam

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Quiet Village
02 Return To Paradise
03 Hong Kong Blues
04 Busy Port
05 Lotus Land
06 Similau
07 Stone God
08 Jungle Flower
09 China Nights (Shina No Yoru)
10 Ah Me Furi
11 Waipio
12 Love Dance
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Album Review

Exotica is the first album by Martin Denny, released in 1957. It contained Denny's most famous piece, ''Quiet Village'', and spawned an entire genre bearing its name. It was recorded in Webley Edwards' studio (not, as often reported, the Aluminum Dome at Henry J. Kaiser's Hawaiian Village Complex) in Waikiki in December 1956. The album topped Billboard's charts in 1959.

The original album was recorded in mono. It was re-recorded in stereo in 1958; by then, however, Denny's popular sideman Arthur Lyman had left the group, and was replaced by Julius Wechter. Denny preferred the original mono version: ''It has the original spark, the excitement, the feeling we were breaking new ground.'' []

Martin Denny's Biography

Martin Denny (April 10, 1911 ? March 2, 2005) was an American piano-player and composer best known as the ''father of exotica.'' In a long career that saw him performing well into the 1980s, he toured the world popularizing his brand of lounge music which included exotic percussion, imaginative rearrangements of popular songs, and original songs that celebrated Tiki culture. []
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