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Martin Briley

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Martin Briley - One Night With A Stranger (Mercury 810332-1 M-1) (1982)

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Martin Briley


One Night With A Stranger

Released: 1982
Label: Mercury
Catalog: 810332-1 M-1
Genre: Rock / Pop
NOTE: Some ring wear on jacket
T R A C K L I S T:
01 The Salt In My Tears
02 Just A Mile Away
03 Put Your Hands On The Screen
04 Maybe I've Waited Too Long
05 She's So Flexible
06 A Rainy Day In New York City
07 I Wonder What She Thinks Of Me
08 Dumb Love
09 One Night With A Stranger
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Album Reveiw

by William Ruhlmann []

Perhaps feeling the influence of the new wave, Martin Briley simplified the guitar lines and speeded up the tempos on his second album. He also simplified his lyrics, which may have helped him get his first and only Top 40 hit with the lead-off track, a characteristic put-down song called "The Salt In My Tears" (as in "you're not worth...") Still complaining about love gone wrong, Briley was more often casting his tales of romantic wrongdoing in the third person and increasing the humor content on songs like "She's So Flexible" and "Dumb Love," which recount unusual, if not unlikely encounters, as well as the story song "One Night With A Stranger," which revealed the dangers of one-night stands. Briley still wasn't creating a distinctive musical persona -- sometimes he sounded like Sting, sometimes like Phil Collins -- but his writing showed enough promise that you hoped he would yet do so. And the surprise hit seemed to give him the opportunity.

Martin Briley's biography

by Tom Demalon []

Although probably best known for his '80s hit "The Salt in My Tears," Martin Briley has had a long and varied career as a backup musician and songwriter. Hailing from the U.K., Briley was a founding member of the band Mandrake Paddlesteamer (later shortened to Mandrake), serving as the act's lead guitarist for four years until 1971. In 1974, he joined the progressive rock outfit Greenslade for a U.S. tour and would remain with them for two years, alan_parsonsearing on 1975's Time & Tide set. When Greenslade disbanded, Briley moved to New York City to seek his fortune. He managed to find work as a session musician, alan_parsonsearing on a number of albums during the late '70s, most notably playing bass on Night Out, a 1979 release by Meat Loaf's "Paradise By the Dashboard Light" duet partner, Ellen Foley. He would also join Ian Hunter's band during this period, alan_parsonsearing on several records and touring with him. When Hunter's output and live schedule lessened in the early '80s, Briley was given an opportunity as a solo artist, releasing Fear of the Unknown in 1981.

However, it would be two years later, with the issuance of One Night With a Stranger, before Briley found his way into the spotlight. "The Salt in My Tears" managed to eke its way into the lower reaches of the U.S. Top 40 charts, performing even better on more rock-oriented stations. There was no follow-up in the offing, although the atmospheric "Put Your Hands on the Screen" also found some favor with AOR listeners. However, 1985's Dangerous Moments came and went with little fanfare. Since them, Briley has continued to be a sideman, performing on albums by acts like Celine Dion and Willie Nile. Additionally, his songs have been recorded by a variety of artists, including Jeff Healey, Night Ranger, Kenny Loggins, and *NSYNC.
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