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Enoch Light / Los Admiradores

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Los Admiradores - Bongos [Command RS 809 SD] (1960)

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Los Admiradores



Released: 1960
Label: Command
Catalog: RS 809 SD
Genre: Easy Listening
NOTE: Produced by Enoch Light

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Tenderly
02 Bidin' My Time
03 Sylvie
04 All Of Me
05 Greensleeves
06 Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea
07 Blue Moon
08 Unchained Melody
09 Don't Blame Me
10 Londonderry Air
11 The Very Thought Of You
12 You And The Night And The Music
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Enoch Light / Los Admiradores - Bongos/Flutes/Guitars [Command RS 812 SD] (1960)

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Enoch Light / Los Admiradores



Released: 1960
Label: Command
Catalog: RS 812 SD
Genre: Light Jazz / Bachelor Pad Music
T R A C K L I S T:
01 How High The Moon
02 Caravan
03 C'est Ci Bon
04 Friendly Persuasion
05 My Funny Valentine
06 Making Whoopie
07 Birth Of The Blues
08 Golden Earrings
09 East Of The Sun
10 By The River St. Marie
11 Laura
12 I Can Dream, Can't I
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Album Review

by Laurie Mercer []

Los Admiradores were another of Enoch Light's all-star studio creations, put together specifically to explore stereo recording techniques and exploit the large emerging market of fanatical audiophiles. Released a year after his massive hit "Persuasive Percussion," the LP Bongos Flutes Guitars is not a collection of studio ploys and tricks designed to beguile the public with ping-pong sound effects or other stereo gimmickry, but a subtle and deft exploration of texture, color, and rhythm, with minimal accompaniment of muted horns, double bass, drums; a recording of superlative definition, minimal clutter, afloat in its own ambience. Meticulous liner notes (Light is widely credited as the inventor of the gatefold cover) detail the musical goal of each piece and how it is achieved, duly crediting the musicians -- including Doc Severinsen, Tommy Mottola, and Ray Barretto -- while documenting such minutiae as microphone placement and tape editing specifications. Someday Light will be regarded as a studio innovator and pioneer in the same league as Les Paul, and then his considerable body of work will be reissued on CD or 180 gram vinyl for delighted musical historians everywhere; until then the aware audiophile will have to search record racks for such brilliant forgotten gems as Bongos Flutes Guitars.

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