Lee Ritenour - Portrait [GRP Records GR-1042] (January 1987)

Released: January 1987
Country: US
Label: GRP Records
Catalog: GR-1042
Genre: Jazz, Fusion

Item# SR-GRGR1042
Ratings: C=NM-; LP=NM-

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Asa
02 Turn The Heat Up
03 Windmill
04 White Water
05 Portrait
06 G-Rit
07 Shades In The Shade
08 Children's Games
09 Runaway

Lee Ritenour

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Album Review

Richard S. Ginell [allmusic.com]

Portrait is predominantly a series of encounters between Ritenour and several guest interlopers, presumably to provide a well-rounded stylistic composite. The more heartening result is the acceleration of Ritenour's growth into a tastier, more musical guitarist, whether in the lead or sharing the spotlight. ''Asa'' is excellent, a fine Djavan tune with the composer's vocals adding immeasurably and possibly inspiring some tasty electric work from Lee -- and there is a sweetly-played Brazilian-styled tune, ''Windmill,'' where Rit's playing almost resembles that of Chet Atkins in its smooth deceptive simplicity. ''G-Rit'' has Kenny G exchanging riffs with the far more inventive Ritenour, but you can tell that Kenny is definitely stoking Lee's engine. There are three tracks with a restrained quorum from Yellowjackets; ''White Water'' is not bad, has a nice flow, while Jobim's ''Children's Games'' receives a lovely performance and ''Runaway'' closes the LP on an attractive note (the CD has an additional cut). One of Rit's better records of the '80s.