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Juluka - Stand Your Ground [Warner Bros Records 1-25155] (1984)

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Stand Your Ground

Released: 1984
Label: Warner Bros Records
Catalog: 1-25155
Country: USA
Genre: Electronic, Funk/Soul

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Kilimanjaro
02 Look Into The Mirror
03 December African Rain
04 Mano Lapho (Stand Your Ground)
05 Work For All
06 Fever
07 Mantombana
08 Crazy Woman
09 Bullets For Bafazane
10 Walima Mabele
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Album Review

Evan Cater []

Stand Your Ground was the follow-up to South African pop band Juluka's first internationally distributed album, Scatterlings. It features the same original Afro-pop sound heard on the previous record, with lead singers Johnny Clegg and Sipho Mchunu singing in both English and Zulu over keyboard-based '80s pop. For all its novelty, the Juluka sound varies little from song to song and begins to become a little tiresome by the end of the album. Hilton Rosenthal's production and Clegg's songwriting rely too much on rather tinny synthesizer backing and a call-and-response format between Clegg and the African background singers. Their bag of tricks is somewhat limited, but it does yield some fine results. The opening ''Kilimanjaro'' has a particularly memorable hook, and ''Work for All'' is a rousing plea for equity in employment: ''Papa sits alone in the kitchen/Thirty years a mining man/He still has to fight for the right to work/Whether the times are good or bad.'' Recommended to anyone who enjoyed Scatterlings.

Juluka's Biography

Leon Jackson []

The Best of JulukaPerhaps the least conventional group to emerge in South Africa in the 1970s was Juluka. The brainchild of English-born White anthropologist Johnny Clegg and traditional Zulu musician Sipho Mchunu, Juluka offered an electrifying dance music that combined the best of African and Western styles. Clegg scandalized the White establishment by appearing on the cover of Juluka's first album dressed in full Zulu costume next to Mchunu. Their music can be sampled on The Best of Juluka.
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