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Justin Hayward and John Lodge

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Justin Hayward & John Lodge - Blue Jays (Threshold THS 12) (1975)

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Justin Hayward and John Lodge


Blue Jays

Released: 1975
Label: Threshold
Catalog: THS 12
Genre: Rock / Progressive Rock
NOTE: LP made in England
T R A C K L I S T:
01 This Morning
02 Remember Me, My Friend
03 My Brother
04 You
05 Nights, Winters, Years
06 Saved By The Music
07 I Dreamed Last Night
08 Who Are You Now
09 Maybe
10 When You Wake Up
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Album Review

Bruce Eder []

The most romantic album to come out of the Moody Blues' orbit, and the biggest success of their five-year hiatus. Hayward has the more distinctive body of songs, but their strength as a unit lies in their vocal pairing, which is as strong here as it ever was with the group. The pair play the guitars and basses, backed by a group that includes members of the Threshold-signed band Providence. Hayward wrote or co-wrote seven of the original album's ten songs, and most of it is fairly impressive as soft romantic rock, although "Nights Winters Years" is a little bit too melodramatic. Lodge has one of the better rockers to come out of the group's orbit, however, in "Saved By the Music," which is also a surprisingly spiritual song. The production by Tony Clarke echoes the best Moody Blues sound.

Justin Hayward and John Lodge's biography

Bruce Eder []

The Moody Blues began a five-year hiatus in 1973, and one of the first results was the Hayward/Lodge team-up known as the Blue Jays. The pairing was logical -- Hayward and Lodge's joining the group in 1966 had precipitated the change in their sound and helped put them on the path to the psychedelic/romantic rock that made the band a success. Along with Mike Pinder, they were the principal songwriters in the band and each had a solid record of commercial songs and hit singles, with Hayward (author of "Tuesday Afternoon" and "Nights in White Satin") having the advantage.

The duo didn't last long, just enough for one LP and a follow-up single ("Blue Guitar") that involved the members of 10cc as their support band. Their sound was, naturally, close to that of The Moody Blues, with less of an emphasis on mysticism and more of the personal and romantic in their repertory. They and the Blue Jays album were far and away the most successful of the hiatus activities by the group members.
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