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The Grab Bag

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The Grab Bag - Audio Directions [Direct-Disk JCM-001] (1976)

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The Grab Bag


Audio Directions

Released: 1976
Label: Direct-Disk
Catalog: JCM-001
Pressing: Dixie Record Pressing Inc.
Genre: Jazz, Soul-Jazz, Big Band

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Peace-Piece
02 Itutu
03 Can You Stand It
04 We Can Fly
05 - And I Learned It From A Princess
06 Emergence
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Album Review

This LP is a direct-to-disk recording released in 1976 on Direct Disc label. As it can be assumed each side was directly recorded to disk in one shot ''from start to finish''.

As explained in the liner notes, this kind of recording makes the task more difficult both for the musicians of course but also for the mastering and studio engineers who must take quick and good decisions on the cutting electronics in order to not screw up the artists' live studio performance and give the recording its deserved rendering. And the result is pretty nice. []

The Grab Bag's Biography

The Grab Bag is a group of musicians who did only one record together, Audio Directions, from 1976. The featured musicians are as follows: Ron Oates: Acoustic piano, clavinette - Randy Goodrum: fender rhodes - Jack Williams: Bass - Kenny Malone: drums - Pete Bordonali: guitars - Farrell Morris & Billy Wiggins: percussion - Barry McDonald & George Tidwell: trumpet & fluegelhorn - Dennis Good: tenor & bass trombone - Dennis Solee: Soprano, alto, tenor & baritone sax, flute, bass clarinet - Billy Puet: soprano, alto, tenor, baritone sax, flute - Buddy Skipper: alto & tenor sax, flute, clarinet - Sheri Kramer & Diane Tidwell: vocals. The recording was done direct-to-disk with no overdubbing, all live in the studio.
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