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Friedemann: Indian Summer (1987)

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Indian Summer

Released: 1987
Label: Narada Equinox
Catalog: LP-3002
Genre: New Age / Light Jazz
NOTE: Pressed on HQ Virgin Vinyl
NOTE: This LP was sealed until opened to do this transfer.
T R A C K L I S T:
01 Sunshower
02 The Eye Of The Dragonfly
03 Sentimental Elegance
04 Sourdos
05 Indian Summer
06 He Who Walks Alone
07 Flight Of The Heron
08 Lichterloh
09 Kuterevka
10 November Winds
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Album Review

by Linda Kohanov []

The guitarist's North American debut is an engaging mix of styles and instrumental colors. Standard guitars and keyboards are enhanced by Chinese hammer dulcimer, harp, vibes, marimba, and lots of percussion.

Friedemann's Biography

by Linda Kohanov []

West German guitarist Friedemann Witecka is a popular arranger, producer, and studio musician in his homeland. His U.S. releases for Narada prove he's also one of the most imaginative composers of instrumental music influenced by rock and jazz fusion styles. This catchy, spirited music gracefully sidesteps most pop cliches.
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