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Frankie Goes To Hollywood

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Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Welcome To The Pleasuredome [Island/ZZT 7 90232-1-H] (29 October 1984)

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Frankie Goes To Hollywood


Welcome To The Pleasuredome

Released: 29 October 1984
Label: Island/ZZT
Catalog: 7 90232-1-H
Genre: Electronic Rock; Synth-Pop

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Well...
02 The World Is My Oyster
03 Snatch Of Fury (Stay)
04 Welcome To The Pleasure Dome
05 Relax (Come Fighting)
06 War (...And Hide)
07 Two Tribes (For The Victims Of Ravishment)
08 (Tag)
09 Ferry (Go)
10 Born To Run
11 San Jose (The Way)
12 Wish (The Lads Were Here) Including The Ballad Of 32
13 Krisco Kisses
14 Black Night White Light
15 The Only Star In Heaven
16 The Power Of Love
17 Bang...
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Album Review

Welcome to the Pleasuredome is the debut studio album by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, first released by ZTT and Island Records on 29 October 1984. Originally issued as a vinyl double album, it was assured of a UK chart entry at number one due to reported advance sales of over one million. The album was also a top ten seller internationally in countries such as Switzerland, Sweden, and New Zealand.

While commercially successful, the album also drew criticism for containing new versions of all of the songs from the group's (already much-remixed) hit singles from the same year (''Relax'' and ''Two Tribes'', plus B-side ''War''), as well as a surfeit of cover versions in lieu of much new original material. It was later revealed that Trevor Horn's production dominated the record so thoroughly that the band's own instrumental performances were often replaced by session musicians or Horn himself. Frankie's second album, Liverpool, actively featured the full band.

However, the album's evergreen ballad ''The Power of Love'' subsequently provided the group with their third consecutive UK number one single. []

Frankie Goes To Hollywood's Biography

Frankie Goes to Hollywood (FGTH) were a British band formed in Liverpool, England, in 1980. The group was fronted by Holly Johnson (vocals), with Paul Rutherford (vocals), Peter Gill (drums, percussion), Mark O'Toole (bass guitar), and Brian Nash (guitar).

The group's 1983 debut single ''Relax'' was banned by the BBC in 1984 while at number six in the charts and subsequently topped the UK Singles Chart for five consecutive weeks, going on to enjoy prolonged chart success throughout that year and ultimately becoming the seventh best-selling UK single of all time. It also won the 1985 Brit Award for Best British Single. Their debut album, Welcome to the Pleasuredome, reached number one in the UK in 1984 with advanced sales of over one million. After the follow-up success of ''Two Tribes'' and ''The Power of Love'', the group became only the second act in the history of the UK charts to reach number one with their first three singles; the first being fellow Liverpudlians Gerry and the Pacemakers. This record remained unbeaten until the Spice Girls achieved a six-single streak in 199697. In 1985 the band won the Brit Award for Best British Newcomer, and also received Grammy Award and MTV Video Music Award nominations for Best New Artist.

Songwriters Johnson, Gill and O'Toole received the 1984 Ivor Novello Award from the British Academy for Best Song Musically and Lyrically for ''Two Tribes''. In 2015, the song was voted by the British public as the nation's 14th favourite 1980s number one in a poll for ITV. []
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