Eddy Arnold - Somebody Like Me [RCA Records LPM 3715] (1966)

Dynamic Range Released: 1966
Country: US
Label: RCA Records
Catalog: LPM 3715
Genre: Country, Pop

Item# SR-RCLPM3715
Ratings: C=VG+; LP=VG

Note: Produced by Chet Atkins

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Somebody Like Me
02 Lay Some Happiness On Me
03 There's Always Me
04 Come By Me Nice And Slow
05 You Made Up For Everything
06 At Sunset
07 The Tip Of My Fingers
08 Love On My Mind
09 I Love You Drops
10 Don't Laugh At My Love
11 Ev'ry Step Of the Way
12 It's Only Love

Somebody Like Me
Eddy Arnold

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Album Review

Greg Adams [allmusic.com]

It is telling that Somebody Like Me, one of the blandest middle-of-the-road pop records Eddy Arnold made in the '60s, was also one of his most commercially successful. Its strong sales performance explains why the so-called Tennessee Plowboy came to make such an abundance of easy listening records: a lot of people were buying them. There are several good songs, but the sweet, languid arrangements lack the moodiness and atmospherics of his best easy listening records. The limp interpretation of Bill Anderson's "The Tips of My Fingers" was a number three hit, and "Somebody Like Me" spent a month at number one. The appearance of "Lay Some Happiness on Me" a year before either Dean Martin or Bobby Wright had a hit with it is notable, but chart status notwithstanding, Somebody Like Me is not one of Arnold's strongest albums.