Duane Eddy - Water Skiing [RCA Records LSP-2918] (1964)

Released: 1964
Country: US
Label: RCA Records
Catalog: LSP-2918
Pressing: RCA Records Pressing Plant, Indianapolis
Genre: Rock, Surf

Item# SR-RCLSP2918
Ratings: C=VG+; LP=VG+

T R A C K L I S T:
01 Water Skiing
02 Slalom
03 Rooster Tail
04 The Backward Swan
05 Whip Off
06 Jitterboard
07 Deep-Water Start
08 The Wake Ballet
09 Toe-Hold Side
10 Banana Peels
11 In Gear
12 Jumping The Wake

Water Skiing
Duane Eddy

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Album Review

Stephen Thomas Erlewine [allmusic.com]

Water Skiing is a full-throttle surf-rock record, and it only makes sense that Eddy tackles that style, since his endless echo was a catalyst for surf-rockers. Almost all of the songs on the album are originals, including the ingenious ripoff "Whip Off." There's nothing really memorable on the album, but all of the songs are opportunities for Eddy to simply play, and he plays very, very well -- enough to make the album worthwhile for most serious Eddy fans.